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General Maintenance


Electrical Maintenance


Maintenance of Ventilation and Air Conditioning Components


Plumbing Maintenance


General Maintenance

In addition to specialized services, CYANA offers a wide range of general maintenance services which you need to maintain your productivity and competitiveness. Our team of engineers and technicians are ready to provide innovative solutions that fully satisfy your aspirations in an appropriate time, by streamlining operations and reducing costs as much as possible.

Maintenance of Ventilation and Air Conditioning Components

We specialize in providing all your needs of electrical services to ensure the preservation of the highest levels in terms of productivity and competitiveness, we explore and fix all the problems and equipment failures and electrical appliances in record time.

Our response is immediate as well our commitment to provide innovative solutions in facilitating the maintenance work and reduce the total expenditure.

You can also rely on CYANA’s periodic preventive maintenance, testing equipment and electrical connections.

Electrical maintenance services include:

·         Conducting regular electrical test regularly.

·         Installation of cables and lighting equipment.

·         Inspection and testing in emergency situations.

·         Installation and maintenance of automatic entry systems.

We can also implement and maintain various types of electrical installations in your organization/home through a dedicated team of experts who will assist you to incorporate the specifications that you would like them within the contract to carry out electrical maintenance.



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Plumbing Maintenance

Water leaks? Water heaters problems? Plumbing problems? We can take care of all of that! Our group of professionals is always ready to bear the burdens of doing the plumbing and making sure not to have to do it for yourselves! We are checking for leaks, rust, low water pressure, in addition to scan devices and change filters.

Accidents are normal, by choosing CYANA’s Maintenance services you can avoid most of the plumbing accidents lived wantonly peace of mind.

CYANA for maintenance services is the perfect solution to all your problems, where a team of experts from engineers and technicians comprehensive maintenance services for commercial facilities or residential offers both, in addition to the team being ready throughout the year to meet plumbing requirements of various kinds ranging from emergency maintenance work down for maintenance regular periodic. As we find ourselves to repair all plumbing problems, no matter how simple such as water leak or burst pipe to install a new bathroom or shower facilities.

We provide full services mentioned above, according to a specific timetable at the lowest cost. Services such as:

·         Drainage

·         Taps

·         Kitchen Leakage

·         Sewer Pipes

·         Bathroom Leakage

·         Bathtubs and Showers

·         Water Heaters and Other Services.

Electrical Maintenance

Whether it is the maintenance of ventilation and air-conditioning components, mechanical maintenance or energy management, CYANA is your only source to get the best air conditioning in your home or office. We offer maintenance programs with a guaranteed high professional expertise with maximum efficiency and productivity at the lowest prices.

Our maintenance program includes:

A.    Systems analysis and maintenance planning in order to determine the best maintenance program for your facility. A comprehensive assessment of all mechanical devices will be made, as well as analyzing and testing how the heating and cooling systems. Along with a full analysis of the critical conditions that can hinder access to the objectives of the maintenance required. The following procedures are made for each unit:


ü  The transition between diverse operating methods to ensure the conduct of business in accordance with the correct sequence

ü  Cleaning of all units’ internal and external filters, coils, drain pipes and supports.

ü  Cleaning condenser fins external unit

ü  Checking water discharge capacitors and remove all lingering impurities

ü  Checking the refrigerant levels and make sure there is no leakage.

ü  Checking all electrical wiring and making sure there are no errors in the circuit breakers.

ü  Checking the fan blades, fan motors and capacitors

B.    Periodic Preventive Maintenance services are designed to meet the wishes of our customers in addition to a number of services such as cleaning after we finish maintaining your appliances, water heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and other services. These services are conducted through regular visits by our engineers and technicians to carry out maintenance procedures established in accordance with specific timetables depending on the customer’s requirements or prescribed by the manufacturer specifications

C.    Repairs and Replacement – After making all necessary tests, our experts reform stalled and broken or replaced parts.

D.    Emergency Services our program depends on reducing the incidence of failure in equipment. It is normal for random failures to your appliances, and so we are providing emergency services 24 hour services to ensure that you receive a better service.